Won't charge, flashing red LED forever while connected to charger

Symptoms as mentioned. I have recently replaced the battery. I have tried several chargers and charging cables. Any ideas how to get this baby back in action?

What does your phone do if you connect the charger without a battery in it?

Expected behaviour is a ‘boot loop’ where it shows the Fairphone logo, then turns black again, repeating itself while buzzing a few times. If this does not happen, your core module probably has an issue.


Hi Albert, thanks for your reply!
Without the battery the red LED flashes intermittently (sometimes fast, sometimes slow sometimes not at all), very occasionally if I hold the phone and move it slightly the logo flashes on the screen momentarily and then disappears (no buzzing).

It looks to me a bit like there is a very tenuous power connection somewhere so that, while it is plugged in, power is only intermittently getting to the motherboard. It keeps starting the boot loop but before it can even show the logo power is lost - type of thing. As I’ve mentioned, Ive tried this with several chargers and cables so I’m quite sure those are not the problem.

Hi, I am sorry, I forgot to mention that you should press the power button when connected without a battery as a test. What does it do when you try that?

This sounds like a bottom module problem by the way.


While I hold the power button it makes a buzz about once per second. Screen remains black. When I release the power button the buzzing stops. The red LED flashes continuously whether or not the power button is depressed.

As you were getting a logo on the display at times when you moved the cable, I think the USB port on your bottom module is loose and would suggest replacing the bottom module.

For the Fairphone 2 it is this one: https://shop.fairphone.com/en/fairphone-2-bottom-module

If you happen to know another FP2 user or live near any of the #fairphoneangels, you might be able to exchange the module with one of theirs as a test.


I’ve ordered a bottom module. Worth a try! Thanks for your help!!


I received the new bottom module and after fitting it the phone is completely fixed! Thanks for your advice and help!


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