WLAN can't be turned on anymore after update to Android 9

I have just done an update from Android 7 to Android 9 with Fairphone Open and now my FP2 can’t find any WLAN-networks anymore.
Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?


What you could try is to remove the wifi network.
Go to the app Settings,
Network and internet
remove the Network
and then add your network again.
Sometimes a reset of the settings helps.

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The problem is different. The phone can’t find any WiFi networks at all. There is nothing to remove.

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Reboot your phone.
Switch the wifi off and on.
If the wifi doesn’t find anything, then add a wifi-network manually.

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Done all of that.
No success.
Can’t add my network manually either.

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Perhaps you have to re-apply the update.

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Did re-apply the update. No change.
I can’t activate WLAN. When I do, it “jumps” right back to de-activated.

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I would report to bug tracker

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Settings - System - Advanced - Reset options - Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth - Reset Settings

Any change?

Did that, too. No change.

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Just did the update to 21.08
Still no WLAN possible.
I’m wondering if this is related to the fact that on Android 7, I had Xposed with Gravity Box and XPrivacyLua installed.
After updating to Android 9 through TWRP, uninstalled Xposed, Gravity Box and XPrivacyLua.

That certainly could be the cause…

And what should I do now?

Reinstall from scratch I guess.

I need to come back to this.
By now I have updated to the latest 21.10 and the issue remained.
Now I’m ready to reinstall from scratch.
But how do I do this? And what is the best way to “keep” or “re-set” / “re-import” settings in apps once I have a new install, e.g.

  • K-9 email accounts
  • DAVx5 account settings

Furthermore, I was on Fairphone Open. When I do a Reinstall from scratch (I assume this means factory reset), then I’ll be on Fairphone OS, right?

Well it depends, if you make a factory reset, you’ll stay on the OS which is installed now, that means Fairphone Open OS. Only all customized settings and installed apps are deleted.

If you install a new OS, it depends on what you are installing, FOS, FOOS, Lineage or whatever.


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