With the home button screen turns on and off very fast multiple times and then turns on

Hi all,
Need some help with some phone problems. Ever since I installed the new Android 11 onto my Fairphone 3+, whenever the phone turns off due to not using it and then when I turn it on with the home button the screen turns on and off very fast multiple times and then turns on. I never understood why this happened and so I predict that it might be because of the installation of the new version. Has this happened to anybody else? If so could they help me? Thanks!

No dosen’t happen to me.

Have you tried a complete power down?

  • Remove battery, SIM and SD
  • Replace only battery and see how it works
  • If fine replace SIM and SD
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Seems to work, thank you very much!!!

Noooo, it just happened again…

Ok try for an extended period without the SIM.

I have heard strange things about SIM cards getting old, not that I have ever had that.

By the way we didn’t discuss the SD card. If you have one ensure it is formatted as portable, showing the eject icon when viewing via Settings > Storage

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Ok, I try.
I don’t have SD card…

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It still doesn’t work… it seems that the screen saver turns on and off for a moment and then the Fairphone turns on permanently. Can I try resetting some system settings?

You can reset the phone but will loose all custom and personal data. So if you can save all your images etc. to separate device or an SD card formatted as Portable then a factory reset may be a worthwhile option.


mmm… I will look for other solutions :slight_smile:

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The screen saver should only be available while charging, so does it happen only while charging or do you mean the wallpaper (background picture of the lock screen)? If the latter, did you try to change the wallpaper to see if the issue persists?

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Yes, I was wrong! I mean the wallpaper. I changed the wallpaper but the issue persists.