With Android 12 the GPS does not work for Firefox

After I upgraded to Android 12 I have this strange issue. And unlike this topic the GPS problem is really only happening for Firefox (111.1.0).

The dialog about the precise vs. not precise location appears and I can select the precise location fine. Also the dialog on the website regarding location access appears (“Allow https://…website…:443 to use your location?”), but then the GPS icon in the notification bar does not appear and instead the location search is infinite. I can confirm that the website got permission and also that firefox got the location permission like chrome.

I tested different websites where it does not work. But these websites work with chromium and other browsers. And also the GPS work fine and fast with other native apps. I also tried to reinstall firefox but without success.

I searched the firefox issues but I wasn’t able to find a related one and because it worked before I guess this is a fairphone 4 issue as the GPS in firefox worked ok before.

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