Wishlist for the FP2

I disagree. The FP2 should be a social and ecological step-up, meaning more materials sourced sustainably and better working conditions for the people involved.


Sorry, I haven’t read everything about this project yet, I wasn’t aware that the team’s aim for FP2 was rather more fair than more phone.

It’s true that up to 60hrs of labour per week is still not cool (I don’t know where things are at atm, just referring to sth I’ve read today), I just figured we’d reached what we could here in 2015, but if improvements can still be attained on the short term, then I’m of course all for it, and ready to compromise on the technology. To be honest, from what I gather on a day to day basis I could be content even with a ZTE open C tech-wise.

Not to say that I would mind hardware advances though, it’s just that this thread is mostly tech-oriented… I’ll take what there is :wink:

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True, this thread is mostly tech-based! If you are concerned in the working conditions of the factory where the FP is produced, you should have a look at the blog. The blog generally is quite an interesting read. :slight_smile:


@humorkritik thank you very much. Yes, a solution to the FP switching itself off in trouser pockets would be great! For me, the power button gets pressed most frequently when I’m cycling or sitting. Maybe I should not have bothered to encrypt my phone - I’d prefer if it just waited for the passphrase rather than ticking.

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As a fellow previous Desire Z user, i agree with you on every point. I love the heavy weight, makes it easier to use with one hand without it “floating away” in the air :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if someone has mentioned it yet, the list has grown rather long :smile: , but a charger plug of the new USB Typ-C would be very nice. Not really a must but would definitely convey a future oriented design-language.


All fine with at top:

  • better GPS
  • better camera
    which are the worst components of FP1


Another thing would be high end audio processing components.

Indeed I’m among the ones that advocate for two USB plugs, one B one C :smiley:
In my experience, getting a broken plug is the second cause for a product death (after being unable to replace the battery, which won’t be an issue for Fairphones), and indeed this happened to me various times…

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:tokyo_tower: LTE is confirmed! Check Fairleaks.


I’m happy with the overall size of the FP1U so I would like to keep it instead of swapping it for a Fairphone 2. I like the mainboard on the FP2 to be mechanically compatible with FP1, so that a FP1 user can change the mainboard and get the newer CPU and GPU, get more RAM, get LTE and NFC communications. A little bit the same idea as what Golden Delicious does for the OpenMoko phone. http://projects.goldelico.com/p/gta04-main/

Keeping the same size and housing as the FP1 for the FP2 would mean a larger community of cases, holders as all the designs from the FP1 could be reused.

Personally I don’t care about oleophobic glass. I’m using a screen protector sheet and I’ve never got a greasy screen with it.

Please keep
Dual sim
SD card slot
Exchangeable battery

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[quote=“ben, post:1, topic:2510”]Display resolution: This affects battery live and i am ok with the current resolution. A increase might be still nice if FP2 features a larger screen, like to 720p? P: 3 Actually nobody here seems to really care for the resolution, execept me. Keep dpi roughly the same i would guess and not lower it.

Actually, I care about the resolution too. For me 720p would be fine.

I’d really like to have the FM radio. I use it a lot, and it’s really the one reason why I did not buy a fariphone yet.

The current Fairphone already has a FM Radio Reciever. Is that what you
meant? Or do you require FM radio sender capabilities like some Nokia
models had?

Yep, I’ve just noticed on the forum that someone pointed at it. However, it’s not advertised among the product features. Why exactly?

See here why. :slight_smile:

Wow, I’ve should have done my homework :smile:
Anyway, I’ll wait for FP2, if it’s within reasonable time. At this moment my not-so-smart phone is still performing good, and the battery lasts 5 days in normal usage.
Actually, the battery is really what scares me.
Will FP2 upgrade the standards and have a very looooooong battery time?

We don’t know much yet about the specifications of the FP2. We certainly would like to see a long battery time (as stated in the original post I think). Check Fairleaks for the FP2-information, which has been already leaked.

Is there a “price poll” somewhere. Now that people start asking for features, it would be good to know how much they are willing to pay for it.

Not yet, but you can create one, if you like: How to create a poll.

However I doubt, that FP2 will be much more expensive than FP1 because this would reduce the crowd of potential buyers.