Wishlist for the FP2

To not fuel the argument till it explodes:
Yes, 256ppi is enough, but a bit more would look nicer (at ranges lower than 40cm).

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Sentences starting with “you don’t need” get ignored by me. There is no general advice suitable for everyone.
I am fine with the current pixel density, but I know what I don’t need: People telling me what or what not I need or should wish for. No offense. And sorry for the harsh words.

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Cover should be tight, and not let dust into the main camera’s lens. I hope the FP2 will be designed seamlessly in this area.

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Hi Ben, thanks for the great wishlisht with which I agree almost completely.
My personal wishlist differs from or adds to yours only in following points:

  • Size: FP2 should be by no means bigger than the FP1! It should stay a phone, and not become a phablet. Actually I would appreciate a thinner and shorter device if possible with the same screensize.
  • Weight: FP2 should definitely loose some weight (but I would trade this one for a more rugged frame, see next point)
  • Frame: As someone who - every now and then - drops his phone I wouldn’t mind a frame that can handle some impact (better than the current (white) plastic frame). Or make it replaceable.
  • Screen: Please no polarizing filter! (I’ve got polarized sunglasses, and currently can not use my FP1 in landscape mode if I wear them.)
  • NFC: I’d say any state-of-the-art should support it.
  • LTE: I probably won’t use it (because of costs), but I’m quite sure there are potential customers out there, which won’t buy a phone without …
  • Back:
  • The FP1s back is quite ‘icy’, which maybe one of the reasons I’m dropping it every now and then). It should provide a little more ‘grip’.
  • Also the back is uneven (camera stands out and the ‘nose’ over the speaker) which makes it wiggle on even surfaces like on a table. FP2 should definitely not wiggle when operated lying on the desk or the like.
  • USB-Connector: I’d personally would prefer if the USB-Port for charging would be on the bottom of the FP2, but that’s only P: 3 for me.

Best wishes!


Uttermost important: Open Hardware. For the next Version Fairphone should live up to the promise that has been made before the FP1 release. I want to be able to installiert the OS of my choice in the Smartphone and this would also appeal to a large crowd inside the hacker community.


Ben has it on his list:


True. But there can be a consensus about what suits the overwhelming majority. If I’d rephrase that I would rather would not want to spend extra money and battery power on a resolution which the average human eye can not, er, resolve (as my biologists-turned-engineer friends told me) - would that be acceptable? :blush: (BTW, thanks for your apology. Very much appreciated that you took out some sharpness with that line!)

Coming back to the core of the topic, I’d suggest to keep the physical (surface) size, if possible, but still enlarge the display slightly by getting rid of most of the black frame around the screen, if possible. A larger device would bother me, as it would not properly fit in my pocket.

If we are seriously talking about future here, then the future, I think, would be an *ARMv8. But I’m not totally sure - especially, since I fully support the OPs priority 1 for “Choose a processing unit (CPU+GPU) with best possible support for open source and os upgrades”, and @madde’s wish for Open Hardware. As open as possible would be great!

Bluetooth LE would be really good. I’m back to wired stuff, because BT drains the battery terribly. (And I really hate to be wired. I’m really looking forward to a future without plugs and wires! :wink: )

I also wonder why nobody has mentioned the battery yet. I’d give a hoot and a shout if I had longer battery life - and since it’s probably 2016 until the FP2 hits the market, a battery with even more mAh should not only possible, but a must-have.

I’ve got no doubts that GPS speed and accuracy will be better in 2016. The FP2 should try to incorporate that, since navigation is such an important feature for smartphones. (Just BTW, are there already chips for GPS including GLONASS and GALILEO? We’re talking about the future here, right?)

Probably very high priority should be the OPs wish for full quadband (and probably LTE). Future US customers will thank FP for that, as well as travellers worldwide. (I’ve got a couple of friends who travel a lot and who did not buy a FP1/FP1U because they can’t use 3G in the US.)


+1 for GLONASS and GALILEO, it can enhance the precision and fix time a lot (from real experience with an older phone supporting GLONASS)


Hi @humorkritik.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry again for being so sharp still. Something was triggered by the “you do not need”, don’t know. Thanks for reacting thoughtful and calm. I personally would not mind a little bit more resolution and screen size - not necessarily device size…

All your comments made clear to me the LTE seems to be more important then I thought.

I am very much exited to what Fair phone takes from all our ideas - pretty sure some of them are already addressed by them…

The lowest brightness is indeed still quite bright.
As a workaround, I use the Twilight app, which dims and reddens (both tweakable) the display based on the time of day.

Better use this post too for my wish list:

  • A flat back (or at least a stable one, eg. another bump on the other side of the phone would also do :wink: ). As suggested before, a bit more grip might be nice.
  • The flash might be brighter. I noticed this as I used my previous phone quite a bit as flashlight, and the Fairphone’s flash seems really dim compared to my previous phone’s one.
  • Finer control of headphone volume. Yesterday I had a skype call, and even the lowest volume was too loud to my taste. Somehow, it also seemed that the call volume is a lot higher than music volume on the lowest setting. A user configurable scaling factor in the settings would be awesome, as I understand it depends on which headset you use (it’s impedance).

Slightly off-topic: As a workaround for the big steps of the volume level for music, you can use a GravityBox setting for more volume steps. I actually turned it off again, though. Something in between would have been perfect - it was to “fine-tuned“ afterwards…

Edit: and you are totally right about the flash, of course!

If I were to make an absolute wish list of features for the next edition, it would be:

  • Stay dual sim please. I live and work in different countries and switch network every day. I also very much appreciate the use of private and work.
  • Don’t increase the size, the current size is at the max of what I would consider to be convenient. Any bigger and operating the phone single handed will become problematic.
  • Increase the internal memory please. I seem to be at the max of app space in the phone (or I just don’t understand enough the use of different memory capacity in the phone, but it’s just inconvenient). I hope in the next edition memory space juggling will not be possible/necessary anymore.
  • Keep up the speed of the phone, current speed with my use of the phone is convenient, but should certainly not get slower.

Last but not least, I absolutely look forward to see features of other concept phones being integrated to this one, or the other way around, or a merger all together, either way my absolute dream phone would be:

  • the materials, transparancy and production method of: Fairphone
  • the component based model of: Phoneblocks
  • the power and docking possibility to a screen for the use of the phone also as a computer of: Ubuntu Edge
  • the constant maximum attempt at privacy of: Blackphone

That would be my absolute wet dream for a smartphone, but I guess that might become possible at around edition 250 maybe… I hope the development of editions will seek to integrate each of above, and the sooner the better of course. :smile:

Keep up the good work!


I edited the post title to reflect this thread is no longer my personal wishlist, but a community discussion. I will look and summarizing key points in my first post in the future.


The look, Shape, weight and size is pretty well.
The GPS might be better.
The transmitting power is sometimes a bit to low, the receiving is good.

I share Van, that it is important that open Hardware will be used.

Think about an encryption module or possible software.

You sell the most of spare parts. Please have all of them
available. - and then - sell a Box with all of them in it, for selfbuilding a best and fair Smartphon.

Weiter so - ich freue mich auf die nächste Ausgabe.

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The brightness you can even set to lower values by using “Gravity Box”. Here you can set for each illumination of the surrounding a separate value for brightness, including the lowest level, which is much lower than the original one…just by the way. So it is no hardware limitation, only Android limitation…

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better Camera P.1
Flat back P.2

Major OS-Updates for at least 3 years P.1

Better integration into non commercial Cloud services. There should be an equal (or preferred) handy integration in other cloud-platforms (like allmenda.com) as it is offered for google.com. (The login to this page offers only google and facebook as foreign accounts. All possible OpenId’s should be supported, especially such non commercial ones). P.1


Reading another post about when we’ll switch from our present Fairphone, I have come to a rather ridiculous but sincere advice: if I consider what happened to those devices I specifically used really longer these last years, I abandoned them when recharging the battery becomes unfeasible.

For most of them I did replace batteries (like will be possible on the FP) : in fact, I renounced when the charging interface broke.
Which, to me, means… the next Fairphone may well profit from two USB connectors :slight_smile:

I knew you would smile.
But now, the more I think about it, the more I believe it’s interesting.
Having two charging plugs would indeed definitely increase lifetime, at least it certainly would have for the devices I had to abandon.

But it brings much more: in a context where USB on-the-go is soon to become the norm, where MHL video output through the USB port is already developed so much that you find, today, crappy hybrid adapter cables that allow to both recharge the phone while outputing the MHL video part through a tentacular Mains/usb/HDMI cable network, I definitely believe that UHB is not dead and worth considering as a future on its own.
I’d even go as far as saying that a second, normal USB port (normal as in “not miniature”) would be very cool to instantly plug all these USB sticks that your neighbor hands you with his-paper-for-the-conference-ah-too-bad-otherwise-you’ll-have-to-buy-the-preprint :slight_smile:

Daring, yes.
The phone with two USB ports.
Mind you: they’d talk about us -for lots of reasons :wink:


Indeed. A flaky USB port is what made me abandon my previous phone too.

I don’t know about including a second one though, let alone a full sized USB plug… Even the micro USB ones take up quite a bit of space.
To get an idea of how crammed up it already is, take a look at images of the motherboard (like this one from the iFixit motherboard replacement tutorial).
With all other features requested here we would end up with a phone like a brick :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d rather have one, and on the bottom of the phone - but definitely with enhanced repairability! If you can’t fix it, you don’t use it. And the way it’s sitting on the motherboard right now is… unfortunate.

Top left in the image. Nearly impossible to fix if broken.

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Solution against broken USB-plugs: Wireless Charging.

Also sharing your display wirelessly already is possible.