Wishlist for the FP2

See this:

You’ll find experiences from FP users and often comments, if the buttons work with the FP or not.

I think a reasonable conclusion is that there ought to be more than one fairphone model, seeing all the different wishes. :smiley:

Anyway, here is my contribution:

  • seeing the trends (and the foreseen trends), LTE cat6 (300 Mbps) seems to be almost unavoidable.
  • large battery capacity (even if it implies a large phone)
  • truly good energy management software. After trying dozens of such apps, I only spotted two really interesting ones: Sony Stamina mode, and Greenify (this small app has a truly original way of handling energy consumption and doubled my battery life time!).
  • a quite large RAM, somehow allowing to extend the phone’s life since apps are always more RAM-hungry, and there are always smart new apps that you want without being forced to uninstall some others. I expect a phone to last five years, and although 2 Go will still be fine in 1 or 2 years, I would advocate for a safe 3 Go.

And maybe -I don’t know if it’s possible- a system to allow hardware upgrades. For example, in three years, a new mainboard is released, and one can just buy it and replace their Fairphone’s old mainboard with it (same shape etc.).

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This discussion might interest you:


If the new Fairphone comes with Android, I would like it to come with preinstalled privacy-enhancing apps like Textsecure, Redphone and Tinfoil for Facebook.

I have another suggestion which is not directly related to Hardware + Software but to they way the message about the Fairphone is brought to the people. I suggest creating an ambassador programme for the Fairphone. This would work like this:

  • Basic version: On starting the Fairphone the first time, you can register as an ambassador for the Fairphone. On the Fairphone website there would be then the option: I would like to meet someone who already has the Fairphone, so that I can see it and hold it in my hand personally. The system then would look, if there is some nearby and relay a message requesting a meetup. The ambassador can choose to say yes, no and even can configure how often he/she like to be contacted my the system in general or the next weeks.
  • Extended version: Fairphone could train regional ambassadors who then could present Fairphone and their ideas to local groups and organisations on request.
    The German cooperative Faimondo (bulding up a fair alternative to Ebay/Amazon) has an ambassador programme like described in “extended version” and I believe it is very positive. I am myself an ambassador of Fairmondo, you can contact me, if you like to know more.

Well, we have the Fairphoners Address Book, which is not much effort and could basically do the same as the extended version, you suggest. :wink:

I would actually like the Fairphone to come preinstalled with as little Apps as possible because preinstalled - system - apps can’t easily be uninstalled/updated.

About your Ambassador Programm. I think it’s a great idea and I believe we can make it happen as a community effort organized through the forum.


Another reason why we should look into maps. :wink:

I would like better location services as I use tracking and the compass a lot. The compass in particular is problematic as it drifts quite a bit. The other huge thing would be a more open chipset which would ensure maintainability and the possibility for other OSs.


Well, instead of a concrete keyboard addon maybe it would be better to say:

How would be a backside universal connector providing the possibility to attach a keyboard like for the Jolla Fone?

There could be so much more possibilities for other attachments:

  • e-ink display

  • solar charger

  • additional emergency battery

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Actually the best IMO would be the same connector as Jolla because then the architecture would be easily adaptable.

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@saljut7 Great Idea!

@Stefan What do you think: Should this be a Wiki “post” so everybody can edit? I would still encourage discussion here in the comments, but maybe that is a better solution?

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Oh, that’s a good point, Stefan - not perfect, but a good workaround for now.

@danielsjohan - also a good point, but I’m so fussy with headphones, and love my Soundmagics :wink:

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I support very much the possibility to attach an external microphone. If possible even with optical S/PDIF functionality, than it would make a good home audio HiFi centre and field recorder!!!

  • never heard of this addressbook before
  • your link lands to something apparently dedicated to Austria

Where can I register, not being Austrian?

The link goes exactly to the page I wanted it to go to. The problem is just that apparently there are not any communities of Fairphoners in other countries yet. If you want to be a contact person for France, just enter your user name and the other options proposed in the template. :wink: (It’s a wiki post).

PS: I pinned that topic to make it more visible and I also improved the information and added a template for new local communities.

My wishes are all about reliability, stability, and the quality of connectivity and audio.

  • The connectivity WIFI receiver/sender should be stronger.
  • The connectivity of the mobile network receiver/sender should be stronger
  • The back cover should be attached much more reliably than on FP1, and when it falls down it shouldn’t be damaged too easily. (I don’t want to use an external cover; I feel the smartphones built-in protection should be enough for daily use, including occasionally dropping the phone involuntarily …)
  • The audio quality of the speaker, especially when making phone calls, should be improved.

so overall, I’m not looking for huge steps in performance (like speed or so), but for higher quality of essential features of a smart PHONE and pocket computer …

p.s.: sorry if I can’t call all technical terms correctly. If you don’t understand what I mean, please ask


I think wireless charging is not useful at all.
For the FP2, the thing that really matters is not to repeat the problems of the first iteration :

  • Android updates for at least 3 years
  • A well-working chipset (GPS problems…)
    Ameliorations come after:
  • 2GB of RAM
  • NFC
  • USB type C
  • Better camera
  • Water resistance (or at least micro-coating)
  • Front facing stereo speakers (I don’t think it’d be more expensive to have the second speaker on the front instead of the back)

Design : I would love a wooden back cover, and that seems great to show in a simple way that this phone is more world-friendly than the others.

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I agree on the physical button(s) too. I love my iPod shuffle for the same reason - fumbling around with my phone to turn on the screen, pause the podcast/music is such a faff compared to a quick physical click.

Oh, this just occurred to me yesterday, and I’m surprised I forgot about it before (apologies if this has been mentioned; I don’t recall seeing it mentioned in this thread)…

Audio Profiles!

I would like to see more flexibility of audio profiles for different functions, and a better ability for the FP to store the settings. For example…

I like to use “Meeting” setting, i.e. vibrate only, no ringtones. But if I use the volume button for the camera shutter, that affects the overall audio profile, so I’m not in Meeting mode any more. It’s the same if I use a music app… my volume setting then changes the overall Meeting setting.

Basically, I think it should be possible to lock the overall phone audio profile, and then set separate levels/profiles for audio/video apps.

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