Wireless icon grey even when connected

After the upgrade 1.8 the wireless icon keeps being grey instead of turning blue when connected to a wireless network.
the connection itself is OK, but the user doesn’t see that it’s OK because it’s still grey

I think that this has aomething to do with the phone being recognized by google, so when you solve the re-installing play store issue you’ll get a blue icon again.

If not OK (i.e. no connection) I don’t think you’ll see an icon at all…

Jep, gray means that you can’t reach Google’s server, however, most of the internet services should work.

What cares Google about my WiFi? Is this blue/gray icon a new “feature” in version 1.8?

No, this is an Android feature and is implemented on every phone that uses Android. Since Android is developed by Google, this is something that Google designed to test your internet connection. Let’s not blame everything on the new software update :slight_smile:

I do understand the frustrations going around at the moment, but let’s stay reasonable.

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It was there before 1.8. It’s also gray when Google apps have not been installed. If your wifi does not work, the thing is empty instead of gray.

Looks like you have a number of topics and posts about the same issue. Please try not to cross post as it makes it harder not easier to respond. The issue relates to your other one about the google services not being installed.

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