Wireless headphones don't play music any more

My Fairphone 4 is not capable of playing music (Spotify or videos) by my wireless headphones anymore. Is capable of achieving a Connection and the headphones always say they’re connected to the phone, I can increase or decrease sound and also get the confirmation sounds of the headphones. But when it comes to more complex things like playing music via bluetooth, there is no sound.
Anyone any idea what to do or what the Problem could be?

Thanks a lot already,

Sounds a bit like this problem here:

Short summary: in some Android 12 versions no AptX codec was working. At the moment AFAIK only AptX HD works. Other AptX codecs are planned to get fixed in the July update.
As a workaround you could try to disable AptX for the moment.


Thanks a lot! It’s working!!!


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