Wireless Charging or NFC FP4

Hello everyone,
so i was wondering and looking if FP4 supports wireless charging and everywhere i look it states that it does not. However when i open my case i find this little connectors and shining through what looks like a coil beneath the surface. Is this for NFC or does it acutally support wireless charging now or what am i missing.
Can someone explain what this is please

Welcome to the community :wave:

That’s the NFC antenna, the FP4 doesn’t support wireless charging.


Hello, I have a Fairphone 4 for almost a year now and I confirm that it supports wireless charging I always charges it wirelessly via an external charging which connects to the usb c

Sure, if you connect a charging coil to the USB-C port, you can do that, but it’s not built in.
The question was if the coil inside the back cover is for charging, and that isn’t the case.