Wireless charging fp5

Has anyone else been thinking about adding wireless charging to their FP5 ala Adding Wireless Charging To The Switch Lite | Hackaday ?

I am hopefully receiving mine next week and am seriously considering trying my hand at it. I’m just not sure with the removable back how easy it will be to get things to line up with the coil.


I’m definitely interested as well - and a little disappointed it wasn’t in the phone to begin with. Once I get the time I’ll definitely attempt it if the test pads are extant and accessible

Having the phone in hand now I’m not sure there’s enough space between the back cover and the battery to fit in one of the wireless charge coils. It might take making a new back cover with a slight gap to fit or maybe a case :thinking:

Also you might wanna consider potential interference with NFC functionality, as the NFC chip of the FP5 appears to be located in the battery.


Did you guys have any success? I’d buy a FP5 now if it is possible.

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None yet. I recently lost my job and haven’t been able to devote money or time to playing around with wireless charging. I’m hopeful I will be able to get to it in a few months when money isn’t so tight for me

You could try a wireless charging pad that fits onto a case, for example, and plugs into the USB-C port?

[Olixar Samsung Galaxy A12 Thin USB-C Wireless Charger Adapter (mobilefun.co.uk)](Olixar Samsung Galaxy A12 Thin USB-C Wireless Charger Adapter