Wipe data from FP1 without battery

is there a way to wipe all data from the FP1 without having a battery inside?

I don’t think that this is possible, since all methods (I know) require the phone to be turned on.

So your case is that you’re selling on the phone for parts and the battery is broken, but obviously you want to remove the data so whoever gets the mainboard doesn’t also get your data. Makes sense.
I’ve not ever tried booting into testing mode without the battery present, but there’s a small chance that may work. If it does, look for clear eMMC, which should wipe the memory. Similarly the hard-brick recovery procedure may work.

If none of that works, in theory you can ‘emulate’ a battery by using a power supply set to the right voltage and amperage. I’m not an expert on these matters, but maybe you can find someone to help with that locally.

Look at this for example: :warning: FP1 Battery DIY Replacement (using Samsung battery) - Unsafe instructions :warning:

@Johannes: There could be a chance, but I think only, if the little cell battery would still work. This is highly unlikely though as the first cell battery fail has been reported already after some more than one year after delivery.

thanks for the responses, it’s not working though, nothing happens when I plug it in, doesn’t start recovery mode or anything. Since I have already recycled the battery, I can’t use the solution Stefan sent either.
If I run into another FP1 user, I am going to ask if I can borrow the battery for a factory reset :slight_smile:

Where are you from? Maybe we can connect you to other Fairphone owner in your area? Or you can look for yourself in the Local Fairphoners Address Book.

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