[Windows] PlayToAurora - Degooglify your Play Store!

Hi there :wave: , me again!

I’ve updated my PlayToAurora script I had posted to XDA and also decided to post it here because i think many Fairphone 3 users might be interested in this. This script isn’t only meant for the Fairphone but for all recent Android phones.

I am sorry for the Linux/MacOS users out there but I currently have a lot of school work so I don’t really have the time to create those versions for many of my scripts. But since every project of mine is open source, you can create a Linux version yourself (not that hard if you have experience).


Download the latest release, extract the .zip file and run the script.bat file. The script will take a few seconds. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled on your phone.

GitHub link/download: GitHub - JBGMR/PlayToAurora: The updated version of PlayToAurora. This script installs an open source play store client and removes the googlified/normal Play Store