[Windows] PlayToAurora - Degooglify your Play Store!

Hi there :wave: , me again!

I’ve updated my PlayToAurora script I had posted to XDA and also decided to post it here because i think many Fairphone 3 users might be interested in this. This script isn’t only meant for the Fairphone but for all recent Android phones.

I am sorry for the Linux/MacOS users out there but I currently have a lot of school work so I don’t really have the time to create those versions for many of my scripts. But since every project of mine is open source, you can create a Linux version yourself (not that hard if you have experience).


Download the latest release, extract the .zip file and run the script.bat file. The script will take a few seconds. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled on your phone.

GitHub link/download: GitHub - JBGMR/PlayToAurora: The updated version of PlayToAurora. This script installs an open source play store client and removes the googlified/normal Play Store

Link to XDA and source code , please?

The batch file is literally the source code and I will look for the old XDA thread later

I was referring to the source code for the APK that that the batch file installs.


I think what @daithib8 means is that the script installs “bin/store.apk” with no mention whatsoever of what this actually is and where it comes from. It’s not even in the ZIP file.

Informed people can say that of course the script is named PlayToAurora, so it’s most propably AuroraStore, and of course you can have a look at the AuroraStore source at GitLab or at F-Droid … but where’s the connection to this in the script or in the Readme?

So first of all yes, there is no mention of Aurora Store in the README and that’s kinda my fault and I will fix it later. But I don’t get what you mean that it isn’t even included in the ZIP file as it is?

What does the “adb install bin/store.apk” line do without store.apk in the folder bin? Edit: Got it.

Nothing that’s why you should leave the store.apk in the extracted folder lol

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Ah, forget it, PEBCAK, this link would have helped … Release PlayToAurora Release 1.0 · JBNCK/PlayToAurora · GitHub.

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