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Please, connected via USB, the phone is not visible in Windows Explorer (Windows 11), but visible in Devices. Windows is updated, including drivers for Android / Fairphone. I am using the Fairphone cable as previously I was doing with no problems. I cannot change the control of the USB from the phone to the laptop. I guess USB is still the quickest way of sharing files between these two devises, but please let me know if I am wrong. Many thanks in advance.

Por favor, a ver si alguien sabe como resolver lo siguiente:

En windows 11, con los controladores y todo actualizado, al conectar con el cable original de Fairphone, aparentemente es identificado, se ve en dispositivos, pero no aparece en el explorador de archivos, ni es posible cambiar del móvil al ordenador el control del USB, por lo que no puedo transferir los archivos por USB (lo más cómodo y rápido, entiendo.

Muchas gracias por adelantado.

Que quieres hacer exactamente?

Como aqui?

No tienes que cambiar el control al “connected device” solo tienes que cambiar abajo la funciona del uso a “file transfer”.

Only changing to File Transfer does not work. It sounds from the laptop like it is going to work, but finally it is not visible in the Windows Explorer yet.

Gracias por intentarlo, pero, lo dicho eso tampoco funciona.

Strange. What has changed since it last worked?

When I use USB connection with the settings “this device controls the connection” (i.e., my FP4 controls) and “File Transfer” (and with the screen unlocked!), everything works - the phone gets charged and Windows Explorer on Win 11 is able to work with the files on the phone.

The issue might be in the cable. If the data contacts/wires do not work properly (the cable could have been bent in an unlucky way, the contacts got dirty etc.), but the charging contacts are intact, you might be seeing such symptoms. If you have another phone, it’s worth checking the cable - just to be sure. Or trying to use another cable. Or another USB port on the laptop.

Finally, as a backup option. CX file explorer has a convenient feature “Access from network”. It makes an FTP server out of your phone. You can then connect to it from your PC, as long as they are on the same network (e.g., same Wi-Fi). The speed will be limited by the speed of your Wi-Fi - but you will be able to work with the phone files as if it was connected via USB.

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I found that when transferring lots of music files sometimes it would lose the connection. So used FTP as above. but I used filezilla server on the computer and Total commander on the Phone. TC does lots of other stuff. Remember to open the file wall to allow filezilla to go through it and to then it should allow the phone. the phone trouble finding the IP address of the computer from its name so I used the IP address . I needed to find the IP address of the computer from the command line ipconfig -a… Guess there are other ways. Ii worked as quickly for me as USB Good luck

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Important question.

Is the Windows 11 in question a new install perhaps? A Windows N version perhaps (result of an old antitrust law suit)? … https://www.howtogeek.com/322112/what-is-an-n-or-kn-edition-of-windows/

Windows does the USB file transfer stuff via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), which is part of the Windows “Media Feature Pack”, which is missing initially in Windows N versions and has to be installed separately to have MTP capabilities … https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/media-feature-pack-list-for-windows-n-editions-c1c6fffa-d052-8338-7a79-a4bb980a700a

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None, the phone is perfectly working in a different laptop

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