Will Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE work on EE UK without a custom ROM?

Previous phones of mine (mostly Samsung Galaxies) have required an EE-supplied custom ROM/Firmware in order to use WiFi calling (and, I think, VoLTE). Is this the case for the Fairphone 4? i.e. if I buy a Fairphone 4 direct from Fairphone, with stock firmware, and put an EE SIM card in it, will WiFi calling and VoLTE work? Ideally hoping to hear from someone doing exactly that.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I’m in the UK and have an FP3 on EE. Wi-Fi calling works. I have no mobile signal where I reside and had to walk a bit to get a signal to initiate Wi-Fi calling with EE. Now it’s fine via my Fritzbox router.


Thank you! And just to clarify, you didn’t buy the FP3 from EE?

No I bought it from Fairphone, Amsterdam, OH! and my daughter has an FP4 and has no problem when she visits me. :slight_smile:

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