Will there be an official Fairphone 5 flipcase?

I’ve just noticed there’s now an official flip case for the Fairphone 4 in the Fairphone shop. Are there any plans to release one for the 5 too?

I’m still waiting on my 3rd party flip cases to arrive in the mail, but frankly I’m not hopeful they’ll be great based on previous 3rd party cases I’ve had in the past for other phones. An official one for the 5 would be great, and I really like the triangular/open letter design for how the front cover connects on the case for the 4.

Maybe, if anyone from Fairphone reads this and one is planned, you could look into using transparent plastic for the case body so those of us with transparent FP5’s can still see the internals through the case!

To get an answer please contact Fairphone directly, the forum is a user forum and cant answer this.

Else for discussion about FP5 cases please follow-up in this topic, I will close here to avoid duplication.

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