Will there be a FP4?

Will there also be a FP4?

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I talked to FP employee Laura at the #efct19 and she said that for now at least upgrading the core module makes no sense technically nor impact-wise, so at one point yes there will be an FP4.


I read in a techcrunch article a statement by Bas van Abel, that Fairphone might be working on another phone for the US-market.
Nothing official or final though.

When — or even whether — there will be a Fairphone 4 is a question he isn’t keen to engage with. Clearly the hope is Fairphone 3 packs enough smartphone punch to go the distance. Though he hints it might look to offer additional smartphones in order to enter the US, a major market it’s so far not addressed at all.

*you find a list of reviews and a link to the article in this thread: