Will the Fairphone 5 camera performance improve during the device's lifespan?

Do Fairphone continue to improve their software during their device’s working life?


Short answer: Yes
Long answer: If you have any specific remarks or requests please let us know! We are always trying to improve the performance


I just want to say that Fairphone’s increased presence on this forum is greatly appreciated by me at least. This is starting to feel like an official forum at long last, instead of a community forum.

Are there any other camera changes in the cooking?


Generally, I really like the Fairphone photos partly because I really like the field of view on the main camera. The big caveat is the performance of the ultrawide camera. I feel like it’s more a software than a hardware issue?


There are some changes in the future, but I won’t spoil anything :wink:


The worst downside all reviews highlight is the terrible camera. Not only in terms of software, but also hardware!

My main question is: could it be possible that in the future you will sell an improved drop-in replacement of the camera module?

This would be great.

Welcome to the community forum.

Could you please give us links to “all reviews” highlighting the “terrible” camera in hardware?

This could absolutely be possible, as Fairphone have done this before for the Fairphone 2 and 3.
Whether it is likely would be a different question. Let’s see how things play out over the intended long support timeframe.


It’s funny because to me the camera is one of the greatest improvements since FP3. I can now make night pictures! Yay


The main thing I’d love to see is an option to control what long pressing the shutter button for the camera does. Currently it seems to take a burst of photos, but coming from a pixel I’m used to being able to hold down the button to take a quick video, which is really helpful when I’m trying to capture something quickly.