Will the Fairphone 5 be compatible with the US network?

Hi everyone.
I’m currently living in France but I will move next year in the US ; does anyone know if the Fairphone 5 will be available in the US ? if I buy one in France and bring him later, will it be compatible with the local network and 5G ? I’ve read that the Fairphone4 has Murena instead of google in the US, meaning the fourth version exist in US, but I know nothing about the US citizens satisfaction and if it will be the same for the Fairphone5.
Thanks in advance for your answer/personal experience

Hi and welcome to the community forum, Nathy!

There was some discussion about US network compatibility in the long topic of the live stream starting at this post: ✨ Fairphone 5 live stream ✨ - #97 by ArtureLeCoiffeur

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Thank you for your answer Ingo, I will check :slight_smile:

Don’t know if you found your answer, but I found this website that checks compatibility

I’ve already set it to the US and fp5.


Thank you !
the compatibility doesn’t seem great…
I don’t know what to do, I really wanted this phone but this won’t help

Anyway, thanks again :slight_smile:

Murena released a (de-googled) FP4 variant for the american market with quite some delay. Not sure how well that works, but at least there’s some official US support. There’s a chance the FP5 will follow at some point:

Here’s their page regarding FP5 support in the US:


Hey Nathy! I am in a very similar position now that you were in six months ago. I want to buy the Fairphone 5, but I am moving to the United States at the end of February and I’m concerned the coverage won’t be great.

I wondered whether you ended up buying the Fairphone and if you had a chance to try it out in the US?


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To not further duplicate I will close here please follow-up in the local US topic

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