Will the Fairphone 2 chipset have sources available?

Hi there… since I am a little unhappy about the situation with my fairphone1’s chipset sources not beeing available, I asked myself how others think about this …especiality the fairphone team. how important is it for you that a chipset is chosen where sources are available for the fairphone2?


Nothing is made public about a chip set for FP2, might even be that this isn’t finalized in the designs yet.

I can only assume FairPhone are seriously considering the availability of the sources. The backlash over the whole MediaTek thing has been so large that FairPhone cannot afford themselves not to consider it.

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I also think so. I think the question is not, if there will be a chip with open sources. There must be because otherwise it would seriously hurt Fairphones credibility. Nobody would buy a Fairphone 2.

I seriously doubt that. While chipset sources are important, i would buy (for family members, i have a FP1 already and do not plan to replace it so soon) without if the package is intriguing and repairability/sourcing of materials are improved.

But to be clear this is really important to me too and a hope Fairphone is able to consider this and future Android OS support when choosing a chipset for FP2.

Im mot quite sure but i think i would also still buy the fp2 even if the chipset sources were not available.

For me the major aspects are design, repairability, ‘openness’

Still i would be very happy about a truly open phone since this would also allow to port another OS than android and grant the possibility of an up to date phone.

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There is news on that matter – 395 days later :wink: