Will the extra case and the extra glass improve the feel of the 3+?

I am considering getting, for my new model 3+, the protective case and the protective glass. The idea is not only to protect the phone but also, and perhaps even more so, to make it feel better: as it stands, the cover has a hard, nasty, plasticy feel, and the screen does not feel especially nice to use and that screen really picks up smudges.

So: does anyone feel like sharing their experiences of the after-market case and after-market glass? I’d like to find out whether they will actually make a difference. Thanks.

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Having both, I’d say :

  • the protective case makes the phone feel much thicker, but also more comfortable, adding it to the fact it feels safer to carry around. But be aware of you use the processor a lot and the phone heats up, it might get distorted after a little while (this issue is covered by the guarantee though).
  • the protective glass feels very good, soft in touch, and even better to filter the blue light, which feels slightly better for my eyes. However the screen reflections will look purple, if you choose this one. If you choose the privacy one, be aware it’s not perfect, people can still watch over your shoulder and from some angles, especially with a bright backlight.
    Also, it’ll be more difficult to clean the front camera as it’ll be in a hole, but nothing a Q-tip can’t clean :wink:

That’s my two cents!



Thank you. What you say is indeed useful.

The problem with the cases is fairly grim, especially for a company that tries not to be wasteful. Is there not some better material that the company could use (and, indeed, the the default)? I take it that the case - before it starts bulging at any rate - very much improves the feel of the 'phone - yes? Also (if I may): the case is a replacement for the stock case, rather than something that goes atop of it - yes?

The glass: ah, there are two types. I am unsure that I like the sound of the purple reflections. But, ah, you mean reflections that the phone casts upon other objects?

First of all, I very much second Antoine’s comments from my own experience (just that the screen didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable to my eyes without the screen protector, too).

The FP3 Protective Case comes on top of the FP3+ as it is delivered, i.e. the back cover (with the relief FAIRPHONE logo on it) stays where it is. I’m not sure what you mean by “the stock case” – the FP3 (without the plus) came with a bumper that the FP3+ comes without. So I would usually calle the FP3 Protective Case the stock case (although it is an optional accessory).

And regarding the purple reflection, I guess Antoine agrees with me in that this reflection is only visible when the screen is off and black. I have never noticed the phone reflecting purple on other objects. We are solely talking about a purple tint of the black screen itself in some angles.


Should be the same effect as with light source reflections on blue light blocking glasses.



Dear all

Thank you for the replies.

urs_lesse: by ‘the stock case’ I mean what you call ‘the back cover’. ‘The FP3 Protective Case comes on top of the FP3+ as it is delivered, i.e. the back cover (with the relief FAIRPHONE logo on it) stays where it is.’ That will make one big phone - too big for me, I think (and irrespective of any problems that the case develops).

Does anyone know whether the Fairphone 4 is more pleasant to hold than the 3a? If it is, then perhaps I would not need a extra cover for it and it would end up not so large after all. (It was the size of the model 4 that put me off that model.)

The FP4 also feels much bigger with the case than without, even if it is just 1 or 2mm thicker, I’d say the case adds a much bigger impression of thickness to it, especially because of the borders surrounding the phone.
The FP4 is also much heavier than the FP3(+). So as a matter of pleasure to hold, I prefer the FP3(+).

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Antonine: right; thanks - but what is the texture like, please of the case-less FP4?

You are aware, hopefully, that you can buy and test for up to 14 days: within which you can ask for a full refund for any reason: e.g. You don’t like the feel

You don’t like the feel?

I had to wait months for the FP 3+. When it arrived I had to investigate whether it was broken. (For, it would not charge with my existing cable. It turns out - I think - that my cable was at fault.) I do not want to go through all that again, or even some of it, with a FP 4. However: the various shenanigans with the model 3+ mean that I might be outside the refund period even for my instance of that model, though I can plead that I had to wait for delivery of two of FairPhone’s (very expensive) chargers.

If I sound miffed, that is because I am. For one thing, I expected the FP3+ to have better build quality. For another, the aftermarket cases are, I hear, shoddy. (Also - though this not FairPhone’s fault - I dislike Android 10, hear that later versions have their problems too.) Still: I thank those here on this forum who have been helpful.

Feel is Fine :crazy_face:

Edited previous post in case of misinterpretation.

The texture of the case-less FP4 is very soft and smooth, the recycled plastic back gives a good grip and doesn’t take any fingerprint (and it’s the same plastic and texture that’s used for the protective case), whereas the aluminium feels a bit more slicky but also very soft.

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