Will SailFishOS X run on the FairPhone 2?

I plan to buy a Fairphone2 as soon as I can but I want to make sure before that SailFishOS X by Jolla will run on the FairPhone 2.

Will it ?

Much thanks

I can’t really answer on that. Currently, Sailfish OS runs on the FP2, see: Sailfish OS alpha5 release

Recently I saw an announcement of Sailfish OS 3. But what is Sailfish OS X?

I think you might mean Sailfish X but that just seems to be a Sailfish version for the Soni Experia X. If that is what you want (but why?) then the answer is surely no.

Sailfish X is not a separate version of Sailfish OS, it’s just the name of the image for Sony Xperia X device, so it’s only for that device. The community release for FP2 is the same except for the few proprietary packages (Android app support, MS exchange support and input prediction system) which are only available for the official Sailfish OS devices.
Sailfish 3 is just the upcoming Sailfish OS release (currently 2.x) and that will of course be used for community ports once it’s released, Sailfish doesn’t really have a similar versioning as for example Android for which every major release is a completely separate release, in Sailfish OS there is no old maintained releases like for example Sailfish OS 1.x doesn’t exist anymore, it transitioned smoothly to 2.x.


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