Will Sailfish OS be officially supported on the FP2?

I would also buy one straightaway. No Twitter or Facebook, so I hope the Fairphone team will see this post :slight_smile:


a few days ago i ask at the fairphone support about the title question.
Now i got the following answer :-(.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide support for the community built version of Sailfish for the FP2.
If we would do an official release with Jolla at some point, then of course we could provide the support that goes with it !
But there is no such plan yet.

I know, that low level changes on the android base will have an impact to the on top running SailfishOS.
Mal told me that the next community release require the fairphone android version 1.4.2.
So without support from fairphone side an official support from jolla will be very complicated.
I hope fairphone and jolla are still in connection about that.


Come on, Fairphone! We need an official version!


yes we need, the comunity version work well (thank mal) but we need the proprietary part.
Or juste say “never” but no “maybe”.


maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But really; it still is maybe… we’re working on it.
And as it is with work in progress: we might succeed, we might fail.

So a definitive yes or a definitive no have an equal change to become a lie in the future.


it is too expensive or what are the reasons? could we have maybe a few more information? Please, tell us more!

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I would have no problems paying a fee for an official Sailfish OS with full Android support!

Even if you still do not know if official Sailfish support will arrive or not, could you give us a rough time indication until you have a decision? Is it weeks, months, quarters or years away?


some details would be really nice!! =(


In the case the definitve yes end up materializing :

  • are you thinking about a way to buy/subscribe for the SailfishOS only, for the case of phones that were bought back at a time when official SFOS wasn’t available yet ? Or will it only be sold on newer phones ?
    (i.e.: will there be a way to install the community edition right now and switch to full commercial in the future once that gets avaible ?)
  • are you thinking about a way for us to help/finance SFOS ? (e.g.: pay now - to finance development - and get it once ready ?)

And I second 00prometheus : do you happen to have a very crude estimate when you could have more informations ?


Hi Douwe!

With all Respect!
Fairphone is always positioning itself as a “Transparent Company”

We want more tranparency here.
Tell us, what are the problems, what are the difficulties to offer a full Sailfish with Alien Dalvik Part.
You say, we try, it is work in progress, but you give out absolutely NO INFORMATION about what is going on.

If you want be transparent, be transparent please!



Hey everyone!

I have to support explit’s point.
I am almost certain, that Fairphone is doing a great job, when it comes to producing great products in a way that they help everyone. Therefore I am more than willing to spend my money and support this company, which seems to be the only one in this market at the present time, to be worth considering.
A great part of my judgement is based on the transparency this company is providing.

When it comes to free OS, a lot of people, including me, were even more excited, to see an already fair product also becoming ‘free’ in terms of software.
To be fair, Fairphone never promised to officially support a version of SFOS with Alien Dalvik.
But it was made clear, that Fairphone was going to support such efforts.
The efforts, that have so far been made, as far as I see it, are more or less limited to a very dedicated community porter.
So if Fairphone is actually trying to help here and maybe even aim for an official cooperation with Jolla, you should at least be open about it and write a little Blog post.
As this has not happened yet, I can see some customers and even more future customers - it’s a whole bunch - not being satisfied with the present state.
If Fairphone was not willing to support SFOS in any way, the current one would be the expected behaviour.
This behaviour might be intended or not, it gives a certain impression, so I have to take the same line as explit and request some more transparency on this matter!



Truth is; I do not know more myself.
There have been talks between Jolla and Fairphone, but I wasn’t there at the table.

As all things, in the end it has to do with money; development costs time, time equals money and apparently Jolla and Fairphone did not reach agreement yet over who is going to pay what part of the bill.

It is very hard for me to say when the people involved in these talks will come to a conclusion and what that conclusion will be. I ask regularly, but as the talks are ongoing, there seems to be little incentive for any party involved to be open about what is being discussed.

Hope to come back to you all with more and better news sometime soon.


Please be aware that currently it’s not possible to buy any Sailfish OS powered device in Europe. That’s why many SFOS users try to import Intex Aqua Fish (the only commercially available device at all) from India which is the pure opposite of the Fairphone idea (rather cheap and poor hardware, and no chance to repair at all).

Many of them (including me!) would LOVE to spend good money for a Fairphone with full Sailfish support (including Alien Dalvik and Exchange ActiveSynch). Remember that the Jolla phone hardware (released in 2013) is showing its age and needs to be replaced very soon, so you are missing a great opportunity while not offering a hardware upgrade to Sailfish users! I can only suggest to hurry up, because that opportunity will not come back!


very true!
with russian company soon to release its first device this opportunity is soon to become missed =(


I think I’m not the only one here around hoping that at least crowdfunding will be considered.
I suspect that there are many interested potential SFOS-on-FP2 users and that could at least pay some part of the development.

It might not be enough, but if at least this could be increasing the chance of such a port turning up.


As I understand the current situation, the community port seems to be good enough, at least useable. Development costs should be insignificant, remember that developing FP Open costs money, too.

What’s still missing (and what’s preventing me from buying Fairphone) are Exchange ActiveSync and Alien Dalvik, both commercial third-party components that are available on Jolla phone. Jolla payed license fees for these to be allowed to include them in Sailfish OS, the same would be necessary for Fairphone. I would happily pay the Fairphone price + license fees even if the current community port of Sailfish is still somewhat buggy. I will not buy Fairphone unless I am sure Sailfish OS with commercial components is supported.


More or less the same here, I would happily throw money at a Fairphone + closed source component license + whatever is needed to finish polishing SailfishOS and guarantee future updates.

The only hesitation I have regarding buying a FP2 is whether I would be able to have SFOS in the future.


Don’t forget that there is also documentation, support, legal issues, updates and commercial parts to this project. New docs need to be written, support staff needs to be trained, contracts with Jolla need to be made, EULAs have to be updated, future support needs to be sustainable (we cant release and then let it be) and then there is the question: how are we going to sell it?

Will we need to change the shop and allow people to choose which OS they want when they buy? Will people be able to download it? How do they pay for it then?

Also setting up a crowdfunding campaign (which we internally discussed) is not a walk in the park, but requires combined team efforts, planning and a lot of time.

I am still not able to say if Fairphone can do this or not. But I do want people to realize here that for a company Fairphones size, it is not easy to start supporting a completely new OS. I can say many want it to happen, here at Fairphone, but we have to pick our battles and set priorities.


Thank you for your honest answer and the detailed information. I can imagine that offering Sailfish OS on Fairphone is a very complex challange.

But if I understand correctly, none of the tasks you mentioned has actually been started since announcing the Jolla / Fairphone collaboration back in February (!). For us customers this means that a supported version of Sailfish OS on Fairphone hardware will most likely not happen, at least not anytime soon.

It seems to replace our Jolla phones from 2013 we are forced to buy cheap Intex hardware from India and smuggle it into EU countries, without warranty, spare parts, or repair service. And all that under the impression that Jolla’s Sailfish OS and Fairphone hardware would be the ideal match technically, and a successful business opportunity for both companies. So sad!


The solution may be as jolla sell access to the app store for the closed source compenant.
I don’t know if anyone suggested this to jolla?