Will my battery recover more?

Hi! I poured coffee on my FP3+ 10 days ago. For a few days it was impossible to recharge the battery. It took me a while to get organised getting shipping labels etc to send back to Fairphone for repair (possibly core module). In the meantime the phone has started recharging and the recharge seems to be getting faster.
Have any of you any experience of this happening? And any advice whether I should just get it repaired anyway? I’m concerned that I may shorten the life of the phone if I don;t get it repaired. But on the other hand maybe it will be fine.

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Well, the coffee voided your warranty, so if you sent it in to Fairphone’s repair service in Cordon, France, you would have to fully pay for the repair. Accidents like diving the phone or pouring liquids over it are quite common, so usual phone repair shops are familiar with it.

I would advise to get it dealt with by a professional repair service, yes. But you might want to consider doing that locally – it might be less hassle and frankly, I don’t think Fairphone’s repair centre has much more expertise in cases like this because a Fairphone will not react fundamentally differently to liquids than other smartphones (in other words: this doesn’t take a Fairphone expert).


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You don’t say how you cleaned the phone, did you dismantle it and to what degree.

There are water indicators in the phone, if any of these have gone from white to red you will not get a repair under warranty.

So how much coffee and was it just on the surface etc, the back, did you have a case. It’s difficult to understand with such little info your provide.

Black coffee, white, with or without sugar, each type will have different impact.

Sugar needs more water etc to wash away, milk will require ideally isopropyl alcohol etc.

Water indicators

Repair costs

Ah thank you this is so helpful. I will check out my local mobile repair shops. Thanks again!

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