Will my 2G phone work, when AT&T shuts down 2G?

Sorry for the ignorant question: will voice (phone) and regular text work on my Fairphone even with an AT&T SIM card if AT&T shuts down 2G?

Frankly I use cellular data very rarely. I use my phone for voice and text, and WiFi for Internet services.


I found this post in the AT&T forum and it sounds like it won’t work:

[quote]The sad news is,it won’t work after 2016 when they turn off 2G.

It already happen to my Motorola V3, 2G only phone,I got no coverage at all in the marketplace part of town in Great Falls MT.Because that part of town only have 3G,4G coverage.[/quote]

You could change your provider. Here’s a website where you can check which providers are compatible with the FP1: http://willmyphonework.net/

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