Will Google Fi work with Fairphone 3+?

According to the Google Fi support website (Use a phone designed for Fi or bring your own phone - Google Fi Help), these are the requirements for a phone to work with Google Fi:

  • Device comes unlocked
  • Android models at a minimum must run Android 7.0
  • LTE bands 2 and 4
  • Supports CDMA

Fairphone 3+ uses Android 10 and has 4G LTE bands 2 and 4. And according to this fairphone website, it can run outside of Europe in the US because of this: FP3(+). Network connectivity – Support

So, I am unsure about two of the bullet points. Does anyone know if Fairphone 3/3+ comes unlocked or can be unlocked? Does Fairphone 3/3+ support CDMA?

Has anyone actually tried using Google Fi with fairphone?


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Hi there,

all current Fairphone models are built for the GSM-based networks in Europe and do not support CDMA, sorry.

Best wishes,

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