Will FP3 support Ubuntu?

Hello, will future FP3 support Ubuntu? Thank you.


Most likely not from the beginning, but probably later.
Fairphone, the company can’t support many OSes themselves - that probably won’t change with the FP3. So the community will have to port and support other operating systems. I’d guess many if not all the ones that are on the #oslist for the FP2 will eventually work on the FP3 too, but who knows?


Not officially, and Ubuntu Touch isn’t supported by Canonical anymore either.


Oh, btw: Are you talking about Ubuntu (desktop) or Ubuntu Touch?

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Any of then will be good. I just would like an alternative to Android.

There are a lot of alternatives to Android (with GApps) such as LineageOS, postmarketOS, SailfishOS, PureOS. Which one’s are going to work or not is up to the community as it isn’t officially supported.

If you have any links to support that, I would be very interested. The Fairphone 2 is officially supported by the Ubuntu Touch community (it’s even the first listed in their promoted devices list) and I see nothing at the moment indicating that they will or will not officially support the Fairphone 3.

I assume Jeroen talks about official support of community OSes by Fairphone as a company.

Talking about UT specifically: in the various UT telegram groups every now and then somebody reminds others that at the moment porting UT (or Halium, I don’t remember) to phones that were initially released with Android 8 or later (or was that even 7?) cannot be ported before some base work has been completed.

So yes, I’m rather confident that the UT community will not ignore an FP3, but there might be technical obstacles that will delay the porting process. Which will take some time in any case.


I’m talking about support from Fairphone the company.

Community support, official or not, means very little.

The Fairphone company never supported any other OS than Android and its Open version. I don’t think that @Nuno was asking the company itself here. I agree that this question should have been asked on the Ubuntu Touch forums.

The UBPort community is now an official foundation, so I disagree, official support means something.

Accountability-wise it means nothing. Support is best effort.

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