Wild jumpy screen

Hello there,
For some reason that I can’t understand, my screen jumps around like a crazy thing, sometimes freezing. It only seems to happen with the Chrome app, as far as I can ascertain.
Is it something that happens to others? Is it the app?
Any ideas?
Many thanks

I recommend you clear the cache of the app and see if it makes any difference.

I would rather say, they are GHosttouches

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If it really happens only when using one app, I would be hesitant to state this directly.

@kevodell Still for further information what is meant please check here

Join the club of ghosttouches. I am almost certain that every fairphone will be affected by this problem…

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Nope its defintely not happening at all devices, at least not so far

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At least that is great news. Unfortenately there are examples of Fairphone sending replacement phones with the same ghosttouches problems. I hope they will read the topic of ghosttouches

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There may be a few but could it be the user’s environment and interaction. Have any of these phones been tried elsewhere by other users ??

Thanks for this.
Let’s see how it goes.

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you are not alone, i have the same issue :frowning:

Join the, not so, exclusive ‘club’ Kev!
Mine is booked in for ‘repair’ due to that and instances of it simply freezing and not accepting input to the point where I have to reboot or pull the battery. Just awaiting labels and then once it’s back, regretfully, it’ll be sold.
Much as I love & applaud the concept, it’s far too unreliable. Already my replacement has been commented on, “You got a new phone? I can hear you so much better now”.

We are yet to hear if Kev is really having Ghost Touches is general as its so far only with one App. So for all having Ghost Touches in general, please follow-up in the other topic.

For sure we all think about this, still it could be something different.

I hope this can be fixed somehow. That’s really super annoying. I don’t understand where that comes from either. My Fairphone looks brand new because it’s wrapped in the original Fairphone bumper.

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