Wifi won't turn after update to 1.6 and wifi password restore (via app) -> revocery but is failing

after I’d done the update to 1.6 & storage upgrade I restored my Wifi passwords by the means of WiFi Pass Recovery. Before doing the recovery anything went fine but properly after that the WiFi remained switch off. Not that much of a problem, let’s do OS Recovery, all data is backed up anyway.
But regardless what recovery file I gonna use, it always aborts the installation. So what I gonna do now, is that somehow related to storage layout update? Can I install any other OS/Rom?

By the way what is now the right place asking such question this forum (what can be used with my original fairphone page account) or the community area on the support page?


Hi @PackElend

I do not quite understand the problem. Could you give me more info on the abortion of the installation? Does your phone just switches off, do you get a specific error message … ?

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nope is just says error when I’m trying to install a OS regardless which one.
The errors occurs within step 5 of Manually install Fairphone OS…

Is there any way you could show a screenshot or picture of this error?

@PackElend As you’ve mentioned the unified storage layout, are you using a FP1 (1st batch) or are you using a FP1U (2nd Batch - July 2014), the recovery files are slightly different so it does matter.

If the FP is bricked, i.e. it won’t boot then you will probably need to restore by following the ‘How to restore Fairphone if you totally bricked it’ guide provided on the XDA forum

You need to make sure you use the correct binaries for your phone for this to work

Here we, always the same regardless what image I’m trying (in previous attempts, messages were in English)
Is there anyway to gain more information by ADB (I’ve just began “using” it). If you want I can establish to a remote access to my machine, so that you can access the phone via ADB. But you have to tell what software packages have to be on my machine, since I’m just resetting (recovery) it at the moment.

  1. step: images choice, located on external SD card
  2. step: ~max. progress bar of installation
    <img src="/uploads/default/277/c13779c608a58a60.JPG"width=“332” height=“500”>
  3. step: installation aborted
  1. step: back to menu, only error shwon

I also tried to find something in Engineering Mode, but only option what may can help was logging, but I do not have LocCat or so installed to read out the logfile, what was running as I tried to turn on wifi.
I tried combination like that ##526## as mentioned here or ##4636## on that page, but no result.

hi @PackElend have you tried the method I gave you in my previous post as it doesn’t involve you using the recovery mode?

it seems that not all may post are published, so lets try again.
it’s now working.
I tried it with ADB (on Friday) as explained here How to restore Fairphone if you softbricked it (OS X, for Windows see end of section and below) + Android SDK

+ setting add. path + FP1U_Cherry_v1_6_OTA
I might missed the FP1U update in the very first step but anyway is now working via sdcard as well.

I played a bit with the troublemaker App what spoils the wifi, if there is an option to restore without losing wifi. It seems there is not at least for that phone other user posting positive feedbacks.
Anyway. I have to add that I a factory reset was necessary before OS recovery in order get the wifi working again. It’s a really nasty app. At least there is one positive point for that app. It stores the back up a plain text.
By the way * #* #526#* #*, what is correct combination for the fairphone?