Wifi stability Android auto and Chromecast

Hi all,

Been long time user of Android auto with multiple phones and in multiple cars from the early days when it was hard to get working consistently. Same story with chromecast.

Now that I have my first fairphone 4 I notice the connection establishes just fine and as expected to both the Android auto in both cars and same for the Chromecast. The thing is though that the connections get dropped intermittently after a little while. For Android auto it comes back by itself after a while without intervention. The Chromecast requires hitting play on the service providing app and sometimes recasting it.

I get the feeling that it plays up more when there is a lot of competing wifi networks and devices around that the fairphone drops the connection but I am not 100 percent sure.

With kust regular streaming on my phone itself it happens occasionally too that playback breaks. My guess being that the buffering saves the day oftentimes while wifi connection actually breaks far more often in the background.

Anyone recognize this and got some pointers for me? Will raise a support case as soon as I can make the fairphone app work again. Had too flush all the app data and religion but tried too many times so have too come back later and try again. Sigh.