Wifi quality is very bad

Hello, I have a problem with my WiFi quality. It often takes me forever to load a web page and it is often not even enough for a whatsapp video call. It’s not my WiFi at home because I have no problem on my tablet and my family has no problem with their phones.
do you have this problem too and do you have a tip for me because it’s really annoying.
thanks :wink:

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So you are talking about a FP3? Which software is running on it? Does it show a poor WiFi signal or just not using a good signal?

Hey Incanus,
Yes it’s a FP3. I have android 11 on it.
The wifi signal should be ok because on other devices it’s very good just on my phone not. Sometimes my phone doesn’t even find a network or can’t connect to it.
Thanks for your help

Stock software from Fairphone? All updates done?

Yes, but what shows the Fairphone? A good, strong signal, when it’s connected?

Are you using 2.4GHz Wifi, 5GHz or both? Maybe set to auto channel?. Does it work better, when you set it to fixed channels?

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What Wi-Fi router do you have? If it has both 2.4 and 5 GHz, set different SSIDs for the two. Maybe that helps. You might also want to try a fixed instead of dynamic Wi-Fi channel.

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Hey Incanus,
Yes it’s the stock software and I did all updates

I think you mean at the top of the display it normally shows a almost full icon

We have both a 2.4 and a 5GHz but the 5 GHz works better than the other one. I will try out the channel settings.

Usually the FP3 works better with 2,4 GHz.

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Both my FP3s work on 5Ghz
Check your memory you will want over 6Gb free
Check to see your Sd card if toy have one is formatted as portable.
Clear the cache on as many apps as you can be bothered to do.

If the above doesn’t help, start the phone in safe mode and try for a day.

With the Wi-Fi i would suggest you do not use 2.4Ghz and ensure it cannot connect automatically. Have auto connect only on 5Ghz

Is your router an AVM Fritz!Box by any chance? If yes, fixing 5GHz Wifi to a low channel might help. See here.

Using Channel 60 on Fritz 7530 with no problem

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