WiFi problems. 3+ not finding networks

My FF 3+ has much reduced access to my home wi-fi and everywhere else. This seems to have become a problem since I installed the last version of Android.

My wife’s FF 3 without the latest version is fine.

As I took the screenshots the phone were next to each other.

Any suggestions?



Do you use a Fritzbox at home? Thats indeed an issue again since upgrade to A11 as you can no longer force your FP to use the 5Ghz network only. At home you could split the SSID and connect the FP to the 2.4 Ghz network

Further information here e.g

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Looks like a British Telecom router, is it a hub3 by any chance as I don’t think that has 5GHz

If it a later model it may have 5GHz and be possible to set a different SSID to each band.

However I don’t see that as being a solution just an possible option

I fear that neither of the suggestions helps to solve the problem. I have not met Fritzbox. But thanks for your thoughts.

I do use an extender that I bought from Maplin some years ago. My wife’s phone picks that up fine. My 3+ with upgrade doesn’t see it at all and I am about 4m from it upstairs.

Perhaps my best bet is to hope for an OS upgrade which cures the problem. Is it possible to roll back the upgrade to the earlier version?


Set private message for a possible meet.

I found a solution to this. You need to set up separate 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi networks on your router. This usually involves logging on to your router using its IP and a browser (you can usually find your IP address and password on you router). Somewhere in the settings you should be able to set up both a 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network (wifi_2.4, wifi_5G). I found the settings to set up the two networks on my Connectbox Gigi under: Advanced settings > wireless > security

Grab you FP, make sure you forget the old wifi networks, and then connect to the wifi_2.4 network. Should be good to go!

Thanks for that suggestion PumpaJunka. I’ll give it a go when I get back home. Sorry for not getting back to you before.