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I’ve just recently started having problems with my phone connecting to my work (NHS) wifi. It is fine at home. But no one else is having problems at work. My phone has run an update recently that has caused a few glitches (autoentries not working, text constantly changing to capitals) so I wondered if that was the issue. So far I have tried switching the phone off and on, resetting wifi, removing browsing history, forgetting then finding the network again, turning off wifi scanning. I have no idea where the router is at work and I don’t think people would be happy with me fiddling with it! Any other suggestions for how to fix this? Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Regarding the wifi you can try setting the wifi to either 5GHz or 2.4GHz

It may be switching between them.
5GHz has a shorter range but greater ‘speed’
2.4GHz runs on the same band as Bluetooth, Microwaves etc so if want to use 2.4Ghz it may help to disable bluetooth.

Thank you. Won’t that impact on other users who all seem to be having no issues at all?

What you do with your phone should have very little effect on other users.

5GHz allows for more connections ~ so wifi on 5GHz
Bluetooth running on 2.4Ghz as it always does is then quite separated.

However noting other issues it may just be a loose module or internal dampness causing a number of things.

Are you happy to dismantle and check the innards a little ~ within warranty allowances. If so see the iFixIt guide ~ up to step 7


Thank you, I’ll take a look at those instructions.

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that should be resolved by updating your browser, unless its somewhere and not in the browser?

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