WiFi loss of connection or not even activatable

Hello everybody

Since my last FP1was not rescue-able after a complete memory reset, I get a new FP1U.
But the new phone has some problems with the WiFi connection. The owner I get the phone from told me,that it fell down once. So the problem might be associated with that crash.

It behaves as follows.

As soon as I activate the Wifi Connection, I can see al networks and I’m able to connect do my WLAN.
So far so good. But as soon as I connect open a website with any browser, it takes about 10 seconds, and the connection is lost. That means, the Wifi-Symbol in the header disappears.
Afterwards it takes about 2 minutes until the network gets re-detected and a new connection gets established. Sometimes a re-connection cannot even established at all, so a reset must be performed. It’s not even possible to enable/disable the wifi by using the toggle switch.

Now to my questions:

  1. Does anyone knows the behaviour
  2. Could it be a hardware problem, I have a second phone and could transfer some components
  3. Is there any tool to analyse the topic more than just a searching the nets?
  4. Any more ideas o inputs?

Thanksfor your help in advance and best regards

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