Wifi loop Router Fritzbox Cabel 9591 FritzOS 7.13 no Connection since the latest Update

Hello everyone,

I have connections loops since the latest Android update for the Fairphone 3+.

The Fairphone keeps reconnecting to my wifi without establishing a stabil connection.

Router Avm Fritz!Box 6591 Cable with FritzOS 7.13 Vodafone Edition German Version

I hope you can help me, the phone is unuseable at home.

All other devices in my wifi work fine.

Edit: router model number

Welcome to the community forum.
You can find some things to try here …


Thank you very much for the hint! I switched to channel 52 on 5 Ghz, seems to work stable for now.



If your FRITZ!Box behaves like mine, you will need to keep an eye on the channel the box uses. The box may encounter interference on the channel, and if it decides that it’s too much interference, it will ignore your setting and change the channel to a different one, which may then again not work so well.

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