Wifi isn't working anymore but motherboard and daughterboard look fine

since I dropped my phone my Wifi isn’t working anymore. First it seems that my phone does not find our home wifi what is odd as all our other phones and tables and laptops are fine and it was ok with the fairphone before I dropped it. When it then sometimes finds our wifi it looses connections quite soon again.
I thought maybe the daughterboard or the wifi antenna is loose so I opened it but everything is fine and stable.
Would it make sense to reset it - can it be a software problem? or should I send it in?
Thanks for any ideas, cheers, Eva

You could try to reset the software, but since the troubles started after your phone got dropped, it sounds like it got damaged hardware wise.

Hi Stefan (are you Austrian or is the flag just a coincidence? I am Austrian too :slight_smile: thanks for that I thought that might be the issue. I will try the reset and otherwise I will send it in for repair after my holidays. Thanks for the quick response :smile:

Bye (baba), Eva

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Yes I am, here is our “national topic”. :slight_smile:

Oh that’s great - cool that there is a fairphone community in Austria :slight_smile: But I am living in the UK so I probably won’t join :wink: thanks again, cheers, Eva

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