WIFI identification with SIM (EAP-SIM) support

I don’t find how to connect my FP2 to WIFI using identification through the SIM (EAP-SIM). It seems to be not supported (I follow the help provided on this French site). My Internet and phone provider is providing WIFI access in most French cities but it requires this type of identification.
If already supported, what did I miss to configure it? If not supported, is it planned to be supported?

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Perhaps you can try this:
Go to Settings,
go to Wi-Fi
tap on the three dots in the right upper corner of the screen
tap on ‘Add network’

Thanks but already done. I didn’t find a SIM choice for the identification method.

Can’t verify if this works, but try this app

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Thank you a lot. It works.

Hi everyone,

Me too I have a problem with the freewifi secure. Inao could you tell me please how you proceed with BuBuaBu application, it still doesn’t work for me ? Maybe I missed an option in this application

Thanks a lot

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I also installed “Messagerie Vocale Free”, which is able to configure some extra-stuffs (before I installed it MMS weren’t working). It has a freewifi secure activation option that I have to activate to have it working. In fact I first installed this app, but alone it wasn’t working, I had to also install FreeWifiConfig.
Note that freewifi isn’t working if you don’t activate the wifi on your own freebox and your freebox isn’t powered (free detect it and won’t allow you to access a freewifi, they do this to force free users to activate the wifi at their home so that other user of freewifi may have an access point).