Wifi FP2 disconnection

Since a number of weeks my FP2 disconnects after a minute from my wifi network . Sometimes I must restart wifi on FP2, other times I must restart FP2.
I update FP2: Fairphone OS 19.11.2.
some help please.

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@Eugenio_Fasser Did you get this resolved? I have the same issue, although it was occurring before the update to OS 19.11.12.

I´ve the same problem too.
My FP2 disconnects after 10-20 minutes from my home (Wi-Fi) network.
I always have to reconnect it.
My FP2 is updated to Fairphone OS 19.11.2

I´m waiting for the next OS update, I hope it could solve the problem.

the same problem,
but i was a week by a friend and the wifi went(!!!)
when i come bakk at home, the same problem with wifi
after 2 minutes the connession go down and for the reconnession i must
restart the phone

Which band, 2.4 or 5 GHz?

I don´t know.
How can I check it please ?

While connected to your home network, open the network settings in Android, then select your network by its name. Below “Frequency”, you should read either 2.4 or 5 GHz.


Thank you DeepSea for your help,

At home it´s a 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi and in my office a 5 GHz one.
Have a nice weekend

At home, I have the feeling that the FP2 jump from a 2,4 GHz to a 5 GHz network because I had for 10 minutes a 2,4 GHz connect then interrupted and after a reconnection a 5 GHz.

Funny, no ?

That could happen if your home router (access point) is configured to operate on two frequency bands, namely 2.4 and 5 GHz (mixed mode).

Some devices cannot switch between the frequency bands “on-the-fly”, that might be a cause for dis- and reconnects, too. Maybe you should find out which bands all your devices are capable of handling. It might turn out that both bands are needed, because some WiFi devices go fine with 2.4 GHz only, some only with 5 GHz, and some can handle both bands. 2.4 GHz coverage is better due to lower frequency, while 5 GHz channels are not that crowded than 2.4 GHz ones. (That would depend on your neighborhood, of course.) You could temporarily switch off one band frequency or the other, just to check if all your devices do well regarding coverage and performance with just one band. If they do, let the respective other band be switched off permanently.


Thank you very much for that type. I think you´re probably right.
I will try it when I find a good moment.

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I tried the proposed solution, it’ s more stabile but it breaks.
I have decided to live with.

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