WIFI does not want to reconnect on /e os on fairphone 3

I have a problem with WIFI connection: I can connect to my network fine, but after WIFI is disconnected, either by going out of range or toggling WIFI, I cannot reconnect. When I press my network again, it does not say it is saved and it asks for password, but filling this in does not connect to it.
If I reboot the phone I connect to WIFI again, but only until I disconnect again. Though I am connected to the WIFI at this point, I can’t see this in WIFI settings; when I press the network it still asks for the password and I can’t access connection settings of this WIFI network.
I did a couple of times reset all network settings via ‘Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth’. This helps for one time, I can reconnect to the network normally again. But after disconnect I have again the same problem.

I installed recently the latest /e os stable (/e/OS2.1-t-20240603406607-stable-FP3) on my Fairphone 3. I did a complete reinstall of the OS as I had a /e OS version that did not want to update via OTA. That is when the problem first occurred.