WiFi calling on EE phone coop

I cannot get WiFi calling on my Fairphone 3 (EE and Phone Coop in the UK). I have followed the instructions on a query posted in Feb '20, and this has not worked for me.

Could you specify what query you are referring to or what actually you tried? Your contract/provider allows Wifi Calling?

Hi @Floella I’m in the UK on EE with no problem.

If you have a contract with the Co-op that use EE you had better talk to the Co-op, plus you do need to be on the network to initiate it it cannot be done via wifi, although the wifi has to be enabled.

So you need an authorisation from EK which is automatic once you have selected wifi calling

If you have a network signal you can access the sim via Network and Internet, without a signal you need to type wifi calling in the search box after opening Settings

Thanks for the advice. I have contacted my supplier, the Phone Coop, and this was their reply:

"while we use EE for our mobile data connection our sims don’t actually have the wifi calling enabled.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause"

Which I’m not too happy about.

I replied:

"Thanks for the reply. It’s very disappointing as I’ve been a customer and supporter of the Phone Coop from its early days. I now live in a house where my phone signal is very weak, but the signal outside is good.

Without the WiFi calling enabled, l am faced with having to buy a signal booster, at the cost of £300 or so.

My only alternative is to change to a different supplier who will allow Wi-Fi calling, or provide a booster as part of the service.

Can you help me in any way?"

Yes just use EE direct. I have no signal where I reside and work so have a minimal sim only contract with unlimited minutes and just use wifi @ £6 a month ~ with my special discount after whinging.

I keep data off all the time, though I do have 2Gb which I can use if I’m out and there’s no wifi.

I heard 3 are pretty on the ball with cost and allowances.

My main reason to get a new phone was to have wifi calling.

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