Wifi and mobile internet not working properly after recent update

Hey everyone,

since the most recent security update (I installed it a couple of days ago), I have a strange problem. Others have described similar, but, as far as I can see, not identical problems. My problem is that both, my mobile data and my wifi don’t work properly anymore. Although the phone says that I have 4G covrage or a good and stable wifi connection, the internet still doesn’t seem to work. I can’t even send WhatsApp messages anymore.

So far, I don’t have a solution. When restarting the device, I have internet for around 30 seconds, but afterwards it returns back into the state of telling me I have internet connection but the phone not loading anything.

I hope this description helps in searching for solutions.

Thanks and have a good day!

EDIT: Found the problem. It had, in fact, nothing to do with the update, but with a malfunctioning VPN I had installed the same day and running in the background without me noticing that I still had it on.

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