Wifi and data problems

When I go out of range of my home wifi I expect my Vodafone data to click in automatically - but it never does! I have to restart my phone and then it clicks in, until the next time wifi is available and the cycle starts again. Is it a setting problem or a Vodafone problem??

Have to admit I never tried that.

I take it that you do have activated the data connection while leaving the wifi, right? You could try do de-activate and re-activate it, which could save you the trouble of restarting the phone.

Or, if just switching off the data doesn’t work, try to go to flight mode and then back to normal. This should restart the SIM card.

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I do have the same configuration: data and wifi activated, when I leave the wifi range, the phone automatic connects to data. I don’t have to twiggle the flight mode or so.
If I get back into office, data switches off and wifi gets on. Mobile data with eplus (germany).

I have both activated as well and like @timbuktu everything works fine.

Thanks everyone for your comments. It would appear my problem is a one-off. But I will try turning on and off the flight mode or the data as you suggest, rather than re-booting the phone. It is a bit of a nuisance but one I can live with! After all, we love our Fairphones! Many thanks to you all for your comments.