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I was wondering. Does exist some antenna that could be connected to the FP3+ via usb-c that could connect to low wifi signal, when the phone is far from the emitter?

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Couldn’t find one ad hoc, but wouldn’t a separate repeater be more helpful?

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Generally, I can be reasonably confident that no antenna connection of that sort exists. It would require a direct, analog connection between the wifi radio and pins on the USB port, outside of standard USB, and would likely also have RF problems. I know that these connections don’t exist on any Fairphone.

Those sorts of alternate pin uses on USB-C are possible: there are USB-C alternate modes, though all current modes are digital, and the audio adapter accessory mode, which is analog, though designed for audio (and not, as far as I know, supported by any Fairphone). I’m not aware of any RF antenna connection using a USB-C alternate connection though.

I could see, however, two different possibilities:

  • Connecting an antenna to the internal antenna connection: this would require some device modification, and would not be as simple as connecting a USB device, but should be possible with the documentation available, with sufficient expertise.

  • Not using the internal wifi: connecting a separate, external USB wifi adapter, with its own external antenna. This could work, though it would need OS and driver support, and I’m not sure it is there.

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Thank you for your answer!!
Actually, this is mainly an issue when I am on vacation, not at home, I would prefer a more portable solution

Thank you for your answer
I think that the simplest for me will be to use an antenna on a PC and then share its connection via tethering.
Maybe it will be more powerful
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A Repeater is portable, something like a TP-Link RE450 can be used with any wall outlet.


Thank you for notifying it to me :slight_smile:

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