Wifi 2,4GHz blocked when Bluetooth connection as media audio is active

I´m using the latest software update 1.8.1. Since bluetooth and wifi are using the 2,4GHz frequency band there seem to exist interferences. Activating bt only as media audio will bring Wifi traffic to a halt. I am a bit confused that such interferences these days are still an issue. Knowing about some emc regulations I would expect r&d would have an eye on preventing this kind of troubles even if they may not violate emc regulations. One solution could be to move on to the 5GHz band (or higher) for wifi. Anyway I have read of devices out there being able to handle wifi and bt simultaneously on the 2,4GHz band. Obviously FP 2 cannot which may depend on the design and chipset used.


I’m facing the same problem with version 1.10.1. I wasn’t able to connect to any 2,4GHz network since I found your post and deactivated the bluetooth interface.
So will there be any software fix for that or is this a hardware (chipset) issue?

For me it can connect to 2,4GHz while Bluetooth is on. Have you tried a different channel in 2,4GHz band too?

The problem only shows if you were connected to a bluetooth device and stays until you turn bluetooth completly off, no matter if you are still connected to any device or not.
It doesn’t depent on the wifi channel. I tried several channels on various access points and routers.

For me it showed that my outdated router cannot handle this 2,4GHz issue properly: This frequency band is officially also shared with bluetooth devices, some microwaves or babyphones.
I have tried different channels, but with no avail.
I tried the same setup with a newer Fritz Box and it worked flawless. No troubles with my bluetooth earplugs connected (playing) and browsing via Wifi at the same time.

This was no matter of software version for me. I found out about it with 1.9.x (as I firstly got my new earplugs). Then tested it with the Fritz Box successfully. Now with the latest 1.10.x version still all works well with the same Fritz Box.

So in my case it´s clear that the phone works properly but my router needs replacing as it also does not offer 5GHz wifi alternatively.

You wrote that you have tried several routers with the same result which does sound curious. I can only share my experience and my phone obviously work properly if the router does as well.

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One of the routers I tried with is a “TP-Link Archer C7” wich offers simultaneous 2,4 and 5GHz. The problem still stays the same. So in my case the problem seems to be facing to an issue with the phone, not with the device providing the wifi.

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