Widgets, Dropbox and 500px trouble

Hi all!

Got my new FP2 yesterday and am really pleased. I only have some small issues: Within the app 500px (photo sharing site) and dropbox I cannot activate a fullscreen view of photos (I tried to tap, hold with no effect). On my old Samsung S3 mini I had never any problems at all with that.

Beside, some widgets (e.g. color note, business calender…) apparently won’t work on FP2. If I drag the widget onto the screen it simply dissapears. This is rather a minor concern, since other widgets seem to work as intended.

Has anyone any idea what I’m doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


I guess you disabled Privacy Impact. Currently there’s a bug in this feature, so it needs to stay enabled. Try this:

Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:
Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact

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thank you, you’re the best! This solved the issue!