Widget "Your apps"

After the last OS update, I can’t find anymore the “Your apps” widget, the widget with the last and most used apps listed on the second panel of the home page. Thanks for helping!

Sounds like you came from Android 5.1 and now updated to Android 6, so here’s some reading material for a start :wink:

About the feature you mentioned … Fairphone dropped it, the community salvages what’s possible …

If you miss silent mode …

And how to connect your phone to a PC now (the following post doesn’t apply to Macs only) …

It doesn’t say this widget/feature is gone

You’re right. I confused it with the My Apps widget mentioned among the things the community took over, sorry.
Since I didn’t and don’t use the Fairphone launcher myself, somebody else will have to shed some light on what happened to “your apps”.

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