Widget to switch on / switch off SIMcard 2?

Sorry for such a silly question, but I’m a bit overloaded by the numerous widget catalogues…

I’m using my SIMcard 2 slot to host a dedicated 3G connection, with a provider that goes by the minute, so I use to switch this SIM off when no datalink is required.

At this moment I do this through a range of clicks, to bring system settings, SIM handling etc.

Now I see there is a widget allowing to switch various settings on/off with a single click (for wifi, bluetooth, GPS, sync and lighting).

Would anyone point me to a similar widget that would only switch SIM2 on or off?

I feel these “two SIM” features are quite uncommon, so it may be the reason I didn’t find one up to now…


P. S. I see there inded is a relatively fast access to switch data connection on/off when my SIMcard 2 is powered on. But I am not sure having it powered on with “data off” will be enough for my provider not counting me something like “you were connected anyhow”. Any detail on this does interest me too :slight_smile:

I use also the second sim for data. You can do with the widget you mentioned.
Or go to system settings, tip on SIM Management and slided the second sim on or off.

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in the Internet You can find an app which is called “mtk dual sim shortcut”. You can configure your desired shortcut. I find it very useful. greetings Joachim

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Thank you Lidwien, Joagri!
What I was searching initially was a bit more: a way to fully power off the second SIM (like what is possible when diving into the SIM settings), but if I don’t find a direct shortcut widget I’ll definitely do the way you describe :slight_smile: