Widget: Switch data preference (SIM1 or SIM2)

(1) specific widget wanted: why?

Six interactions are needed, to switch “Data preference” from SIM1 to SIM2 or back. Instead I would like

flip a switch “Data preference SIM1” to “Data preference SIM2” or back, with ONE interaction.

Nice to have, additionally:

  • show the current “Data preference”
  • three way switch: Data preference = {SIM1, SIM2, Mobile Network OFF}

This is not fairphone specific, but possibly solves a problem for any DualSim phone? The niche is small, but not very small. Perhaps such a widget exists already, but I couldn’t find it. You?

(2) general approach: “Settings Changer Widget” ??

Is there perhaps a tool, which can create WIDGETS for ANY settings change on Android?
If not, then that would be a huge niche.

(1) / (2) create a new Android App, make money ?
I think these ideas are great (if such apps don’t exist yet). Build it, and get rich.
I only ask for 3% of all your future earnings with this, thanks.

(3) Missing subforum on forum.fairphone.com = general Android software useful for Fairphones

What about creating that new subforum?
As a starter, in a subsubforum we could share our experiences with DualSim Android Apps, that actually work well on Fairphones.

All Fairphones are DualSim, right?

(4) where else to post this search for a widget App?

Thanks a lot. Please move this posting elsewhere, if “development” is the wrong place. Thanks.

Did you search ??

Have you seen thes and is it what you are looking for ?

Though this one mentions Mediatek not Qualcomm


For such discussion there is the discuss/industry section, so I moved your topic here to share experience. Should anyone really want to develop an app, an new topic for this can be opened under development.