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I’d like to know if it’s possible to improve the pictures taken by the FP2 with opencamera, because they are not so light compare with my wifes galaxy S7.
I use opencamera because I run the fairphone openos. Wich settings I have to set for better pictures if it’s possible ? Or there is something better than opencamera ?
I don’t know anything about photos so I don’t know what exposure is for etc, so please be kind and patient with me ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

I didn’t configure much about photo quality when first using open camera, I think just the default settings are good enough.

Ok thanks for your reply ! My photos are no so bright but I suppose that it’s the camera of the FP2 that is not so good.

Or just different. Samsung pictures are know for beeing a little bit too colorful than the reality.

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You can use the HDR mode of the camera. It will take three photos, one normal, one with minimal brightness, and a third one with maximal brightness, and then process them to output a photo with optimal brightness. You can activate it by opening the three dots menu when in OpenCamera.
You can also activate DRO mode in the same menu which will increase the contrast and outputs nice landscape photos IMO.
You can also manually increase brightness by tapping on the +/- icon.
Or you can also tap a bit everywhere and activate and try out what each option does until you find the configuration you want.

Thanks for your anwers ! The problem with the HDR or DRO is that the camera take the picture 15 seconds after you click on the button… Not perfect to catch the moment…

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