Wi-Fi connection won't turn on

Hey folks,

since I rebooted my phone after it ran out of battery this morning, the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work anymore.
When trying to activate Wi-Fi via the quick menu button you can access by pulling down the status bar, the icon just starts to flash as if it is turning on, but it won’t stop flashing.
In the System settings, the Wi-Fi button is greyed out and when I tap the text/icon on the left to enter the Wi-Fi setting screen (the one with the list of access points, should Wi-Fi be turned on), it just says “Turning Wi-Fi on…” in the middle of the screen.

I also glanced into the factory mode item test for the Wi-Fi module, where it just says “WARN no suitable AP”.

This really came kind of all of a sudden, I was connected to my home network yesterday and everything worked out well until the reboot, so I have no idea what might have caused the error. To me, it looks like I have to fear a hardware damage, but I still hope there is solution to this other than sending in my device.

I’d very much appreciate any help or advice!


Hey! Your problem sound similar to this one:

In any case I would suggest you do a hard reset.

Thanks for the quick response!
Surprisingly (to me), a factory reset just did the trick. :smiley: Thanks a lot!


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Excellent, glad to hear this!

I’ve set this topic to auto close in a few days, just in case it happens again

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